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The FOUNDERS EDITION V13 gen2 is an extremely limited release, hand-modified by Derek Bargaehr, co-founder of Vanguard Audio Labs. This is the last V13 gen2 FOUNDERS EDITION we have on hand - #4 of 4 that will ever be released.

With upgraded capacitors (including NOS Russian polystyrene caps) and a Cinemag transformer, the FOUNDERS EDITION is an elevated version of the heralded V13 gen2. In order to differentiate the V13 gen2 FOUNDERS EDITION, we stripped the paint from the stainless steel body and gave it a hand-polished #4 brushed finish. Each FOUNDERS EDITION Vanguard microphone comes with a certificate of authenticity and the same 5-year warranty as all our other microphones.

The Vanguard V13 gen2 is a large-diaphragm multi-pattern tube condenser microphone. Crafted by experts over the course of 3 years, our design goal was to combine vintage warmth with smooth modern detail. After extensive testing and listening by world-class engineers, we can say with pride that the performance of this mic rivals or exceeds iconic vintage & modern microphones at a fraction of the cost.

The gen2 features upgrades including US-made audiophile-grade low-noise resistors, Neutrik® Group Connectors, and an upgraded power supply.

Included Accessories

  • PS-13 gen2 Power Supply
  • Padded Pinewood Microphone Box
  • VLSM Large Shockmount with aerospace-grade suspension rings
  • Locking Aluminum Carrying Case
  • 7-pin Microphone Cable
  • Power Cable

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